displaying a readout in numerical digits rather than by a pointer or hands on a dial: a digital speedometer;a digital watch.

of, relating to, or using numerical calculations.

of, relating to, or using data in the form of numerical digits: a digital image;digital devices.

involving or using numerical digits expressed in a scale of notation, usually in the binary system, to represent discretely all variables occurring in a problem.

available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer: Scan these two pages so you’ll have them as a digital document.

pertaining to, noting, or making use of computers and computerized technologies, including the internet: We are living in an increasingly digital world.Digital activism uses social media to achieve political reform.His blog is a great example of digital journalism.Digital technology has revolutionized the music industry.

of or relating to a digit or finger.

resembling a digit or finger.

manipulated with a finger or the fingertips: a digital switch.

having fingers or digitlike parts.